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Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Welcome to our first community Easter Egg hunt! If you are here, you must want to help us find our eggs!!

For our hunters

Here is what we know so far. Our eggs are in shops, parks, and some of your favourite places around Raunds. We have been given a clue for each egg’s location, if you can figure out the clue and find the egg, let us know and if you find enough you can win a prize of your own!

For our hunters' Grownups

In order to organise this event and raise funds, there is a £2.50 entry per person completing the hunt. We would also like to ask for any donations you are able to donate to help our Playgroup achieve our goals of 2022, making the Playgroup an even better place for children.

To pay and enter please click here, once we have your entry we will send the information you need to get started!

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